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Ineffective Management

Posted on 14 December 2017

What causes ineffective management? Is it always easy to figure out and easy to fix or replace? Is it always because the manager or supervisor is bad at their jobs?? The answer is no… Ineffective Management can be bad management styles that lead a whole team to bad moral or causing projects to fail, but what about your bosses’ boss? I have found being a manager and company owner for more than 7 years it all starts at the top. With bad direction or even mood driven top management or directors can cause a management team or supervisor team to start with no chance to succeed. Top management needs to be even more aware of their actions and the way they lead and direct projects, and even more so need to make sure managers and supervisors below them are held accountable for the success and failure of their teams. If top management or directors allow ineffective managers continue to run teams or departments there will not be progress, morale will always lose with the employees, and worse you will lose your best personnel to another company. Top management must be direct and clear with the needed outcome of each project, and keeping morale of the managers and supervisors is key because morale is contagious and is the key that keeps a company’s culture intact. In summery owners, directors, or top/senior management must set a good tone with managers and/or supervisors at the top to get it to flow down to every employee.


Wes H.

Owner / CEO

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