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I want NEW not OLD!

Posted on 05 September 2017


We live in a day when we need to have the new phone, the new game station, the new kids toy. But the old saying its not made like it used to be dose stand true in most cases. A true treasure is when you can find a vintage or classic item in great condition or to restore. Get a rusted item to restore with your child to help them learn the past and spend quality time together while teaching valuable skills and warm thoughts of the past. To put on a shelf or in a glass cabinet a toy from your childhood or older, or how about the plate for a classic car you dream to have. Let's not always view New as the end all be all rather view the old as a past item and keepsakes you treasure. As always your friends at MAZBargains & MAZDeal hold your New and Vintage, know there is always a place for yesterday and tomorrow.




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