The Mighty Crusaders #4 NM

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The Mighty Crusaders #4 NM

Near Mint 

2010 Series

December 2010

Characters:Mighty Crusaders [Shield [Lt. Joe Higgins]; Web [John Raymond]; Fly Girl [Kim Brand]; War Eagle; Inferno [Frank Verrano]; Fox [Paul Patten, Jr.]; Comet; Hangman [Dr. Robert Dickering]; Jaguar [Raphael Hardy]; Black Hood [Mateo Burland]]; a futurist Durlan; King Faraday; Agent Carol Sander; Scott Spencer; Eraser; General Jack Latham; Arvin Halliday; Druid; Crone; Magi; Rocket Red Brigade; Lady Sheba; the Persian; Kitcat; Kenny Wisdom

Synopsis: As General Latham's "Shadow Crusaders" --Hangman, Jaguar,and the Black Hood -- invade a Durlan futurists' base of operations to rescue Latham, the Comet and the Fox are being chased by Durlans only to run into the Rocket Red Brigade. Meanwhile, the Persian invades Liberty Base and manages to take down Shield, Web, Fly Girl and Inferno with a musical song designed to hack their personal uniform systems.